Choosing to work with any new practitioner is an important decision. For that reason, Sheila offers the opportunity to engage in a free 15-minute consultation to help you achieve a better understanding of what she has to offer you as an individual. Even if you are not sure you need a practitioner at all, this option allows you to explore the idea at no risk, and with very little of your time. All you need to do is call or send an email with a request to set up an appointment time to chat over the phone at your convenience.


Skype and distance consultations also available.


Tailored services are available on request (example, Kitchen Purge & Reorganization, Customized Cleanse, Navigating the Store & Best Options, etc.); individualized pricing applies.

Initial Assessment & Consultation (includes BIE session and Iridology analysis): $190

What to Expect

The initial assessment is 90 minutes in length and consists of acquiring a detailed client history covering symptomatology, medical history, family history, review of significant life events and other relevant information, both current and from the past. Client goals and options will be openly discussed to create a co-operative framework to determine how we may best achieve these goals and suitable protocols individualized for the client.

An iris photo will be taken, very similar to what you may experience at an ophthalmologist’s office, with your head cradled in a stationary frame while a macro-photograph is taken of your iris and sclera. An initial assessment is given immediately. It is truly fascinating to see this part of your body up close for the first time, as well as discovering how much information it holds regarding our present and possible future state of health.

During the BIE session which takes place at every appointment, access to a few surface acupressure points of the body is required with the GSR-120 unit, specifically in the head, torso and foot regions. This is non-invasive and you do not disrobe or change clothing, except for removing socks to do the foot points. Should your feet be hypersensitive, you may choose to use the supplied disposable booties.




Follow-up sessions: $80

What to Expect

Follow-up sessions are 45 minutes in length and continue the protocols as discussed in the first session through the use of nutritional counselling and BIE technology. Using the BIE methodology, you can expect an average of 3-5 sessions to reach our goal of helping the body achieve the foundation of homeostasis and healing. Please keep in mind that individual needs and results vary. The following Menu is an example of what you may expect. The benefit of the BIE system is that often supplements are not required while some may include additional supplementation &/or a cleanse protocol such as a Candida or Reboot for the best results.


Standard BIE Services Menu

Adrenal Balance: approx. 5 BIE sessions


Thyroid Balance: approx. 5 BIE sessions


Acid/Alkaline Balance: approx. 5 BIE sessions


Cardiovascular Balance: approx. 5 BIE sessions


Iron Balance: approx. 3 BIE sessions


Blood Pressure Balance: approx. 5 BIE sessions


Blood Sugar Metabolism balance: approx. 5 BIE sessions


Kidney Balance: approx. 3 BIE sessions


Colon Balance: approx. 3 BIE sessions


Stress Balance: approx. 3 BIE sessions


Reproductive Balance: approx. 5-7 BIE sessions

Candida cleanse required


Energy/Stamina Balance: approx. 5 BIE sessions

Candida cleanse required

Smoking Cessation: approx. 1-3 BIE sessions


Skin Balance: approx. 5 BIE sessions


Bone Balance: approx. 5 BIE sessions


Travel Package: approx. 5 BIE sessions

Disclaimer: BIE and Holistic Health practitioners are not medical doctors and do not use medical diagnostic or treatment procedures.

The services performed are at all times restricted to consultation on the subject of nutritional matters or homeostatic imbalances, and does not involve diagnosing, curing, prognosticating, treatment or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of disease or any act, which will constitute the practice of medicine in this country in which a license is required.

All suggestions (if any) regarding herbs or nutritional matters are based on historical and traditional use.