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The science and practise of iridology (“eye – ridology”) is performed by analyzing the colours and formations of the iris and pupil as well as the sclera (referred to as sclerology), or white region of the eye. How is this possible? It is important to understand that the iris tissue derives from the very same tissue as the nervous system when in the embryo stage of life. The eyes also contain the four tissues of the body – epithilial, connective, muscular, nervous – plus the body fluids of lymph and blood. Further, the eyes are connected to the brain itself and the major glands therein through a fibrous sheath of the optic nerve, connecting directly to the nervous system and spinal cord. Overall, this creates a direct contact between the biochemical, hormonal, structural and metabolic systems of the body and the structures of the eye. Through the study of the eye, therefore, one can interpret the state of the body – strengths, weaknesses, inheritances, concerns, signs – fifteen to twenty years before the body begins to manifest any symptoms. This is an extraordinary asset for both preventive healthcare as well as managing current health issues by revealing information such as:

  • The primary nutritional needs of the body

  • The inherent strength or weakness of organs, glands, and tissues and which are in greatest need of repair &/or rebuilding

  • The relative amount of toxic settlement in the organs, gland, and tissues before the onset of disease

  • Where inflammation is located in the body

  • Circulation levels of various organs

  • Nerve force &/or nerve depletion

  • The results of physical/mental fatigue or stress on the body and where

  • A probable allergy to wheat or dairy

  • Acidity of the body and its influence on homeostasis

  • Enzyme deficiencies which may affect digestion, pain and inflammation, etc.

  • Sugar metabolism imbalance


The practise is not new and records or iridology from Egypt, China and Greece date back thousands of years. Holistic Iridology uses methods from North America, Europe and Australia to assess an individual’s state of health in order to provide knowledge and options which best serve their current needs to achieving health and balance.

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